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C02 Special Effect CRYOCANON / 84-06202

C02 Special Effect CRYOCANON / 84-06202

SKU: 84-06202

  • Description

    Product Description

    Professional CO2 Cryogenic Cannon
    For those customers looking to create an amazing visual TEI bring you our Professional high output CO2 jet unit called “CRYOCANNON”. This device will provide both visual and audible bursts of C02 up to 55’ depending on the amount of humidity in venue, or outdoor arena where unit is being used! A unique feature about TEI’s “CRYOCANNON” is that it was designed to be used with either high or low pressure C02 cylinders, and or dewars. The CRYOCANNON  is supplied with a professional American made clamp, but hoses are sold individually in different lengths depending on application specs. For more detailed information on this device, and or requirements please contact TEI today!

    Specifications: Input Control

    Voltage: 120V 20W 60Hz

    Max Pressure Input: 2200 psi

    Size: 23.5”L x 10”H x 7-5/8”W

    Weight: 4.65lbs.

  • Additional information

    Additional Information

    Weight 6 lbs
    Dimensions 24 x 11 x 8 in